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Title:Under Study: Addiction

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Georgetown is launching a new Master of Science in Addiction Policy and Practice. Students in the program will develop an understanding of addiction science, treatment, health care financing, data analysis and statistics, and addiction policy.

“This program seeks to build the next generation of leaders in addiction policy to develop a science and evidence-based approach to addiction, one of the most untreated chronic health conditions in the United States,” explains Regina LaBelle, JD, director of the program.

LaBelle is currently with The O’Neill Institute at George- town University Law Center and served as chief of staff and senior policy advisor in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy during the Obama Administration.

“For too long, addiction policy in this country has been based on stigma, or preconceived notions about what causes addiction,” says LaBelle.

“This course of study is intended to change that and build a future where we recognize that addiction is a chronic, preventable, and treatable condition.”

The full-time, one-year interdisciplinary program offers a comprehensive view of substance use disorders and addiction, including public health and criminal justice policy, basic science, and evidence-based medicine. The first cohort of students will begin in July 2021.

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