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brain imaging of parkinson's

In a small scale study, GUMC researchers have discovered that a drug used to treat leukemia improves the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

huge mosquito close-up

Although global malaria mortality rates fell by 60% over the past 15 years, drug-resistant malarial parasites are on the rise…

students clelbrating matches with beer
student pinning up where he matched on US map
students gathering outside
students hugging
graphic of stats from match day: 196 students in class of 2016
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Match Day 2016

The annual event known as Match Day is a pivotal day in the life of graduating medical students. At medical schools nationwide, at the same moment, fourth year graduates opened the envelopes that informed them where they will be deployed for their residency programs.

On Campus

Cancer survivors offer medical lessons through personal stories

Cancer survivors offer medical lessons through personal stories…

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