Category: Fall 2022, Georgetown Magazine

Title:Supporting students affected by war in Ukraine

Author: Kate Colwell
Date Published: September 27, 2022


Alumni leaders Antonio Gracias (SFS’92, MSFS’93) and Sabrina Kuhl Gracias (B’93) have made a $5 million gift through the Gracias Family Foundation to immediately support the academic and personal financial needs of Georgetown students affected by the war in Ukraine.

“Aligning with Georgetown’s core value of service to others, we wanted Georgetown to be at the forefront of helping educate and offering tremendous support to both current and future students from Ukraine who are directly impacted by this crisis,” Sabrina Gracias says.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Gracias family reached out to Joel Hellman, dean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service, to determine how they could help provide stability and hope to students directly affected by the war.

“What I find most inspiring about these alumni is that they saw a crisis in the world, wanted to make a difference, and looked to Georgetown to make that difference,” Hellman says.

The Gracias Family Sunflower Current Use Scholarship Fund focuses on current or recently displaced residents of Ukraine. It provides scholarships to undergraduate students in all schools who demonstrate financial need, as well as merit-based scholarships to SFS graduate students. The gift also provides emergency funds to cover course materials, travel, health insurance, room and board, living expenses, and visa expenses.

“As graduates of the university, Sabrina and I both know that Georgetown is an institution that cares deeply about the overall development and well-being of its students,” Antonio Gracias says. “We are very confident that Georgetown will provide an excellent education and a safe environment to heal the profound emotional trauma these students have suffered.”

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