Campus Heroes

From keeping buildings secure to collecting lab data, essential work must be accomplished to keep a major research university running–even during a pandemic. When the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of Georgetown’s on-campus activities, most students, faculty members, and administrators shifted to virtual learning and work. But some work requires a physical presence, and several staff teams are providing in-person support, protection, continuity, and even a bit of comfort.

“It’s an eerie feeling working on a university campus when few others are present. Even though you may be performing the same job, you do it without the colleagues who support you. It’s easy to feel removed from those you are serving and, most unfortunately, unthanked.

Many of these staff colleagues who continued to work on campus had home situations similar to others – no day care, no in-person schools. Yet they continued their duties to support the Georgetown community … We are indeed fortunate.”

— Provost Robert Groves, July 1 blog post

These photos represent just a few of the essential staff members on campus, all of whom must comply with the Every Hoya Everywhere public health campaign by social distancing and wearing masks. The limited number of people on and near campus this fall have all undergone weekly COVID-19 tests, which the university tracks on a public dashboard. These practices have become the new normal on the Hilltop, in preparation for a time when all can safely reconvene.

As the 2020 winds to a close, we wish to thank them for all the work they have done and will do to keep the Hilltop beautiful, productive, and perhaps most importantly, safe.