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The Healing Arts

In this issue we explore the intersection of medicine and the arts. Through the healing power of art in pediatric oncology, the flourishing new medical student arts group, and a visit with three School of Medicine artist-doc alumni, Georgetown’s ongoing work in this arena is made visible through action. But our medicine-art journey begins in the mind, and so we open with a peek into the vast research underway across the university on neuroscience and the arts.

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Check Up: News & Research

woman carrying vegetables picked from the field

Eating soy foods and cruciferous vegetables may reduce treatment side effects in breast cancer survivors, say a team of scientists led by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

imaging of Ewing sarcoma: a pink sea anemone looking object

Because the disease often affects teens, side effects like infertility from current treatments are hard to bear. New research at Georgetown offers hope for an alternative.

old painting of the court of death in 1820
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Issues in Bioethics: Brain Death Symposium Explores Questions for our Time

Renowned medical ethicist Melissa Moschella, PhD did at a recent day-long Georgetown symposium on “Brain Death: New Questions for Philosophy and Theology.”

On Campus

watercolor painting of a rainbow microscope

From an idea scribbled in a lab notebook to a therapy administered in a clinic, the path toward developing a treatment takes years.

Operating theater takes center stage at the university’s annual Heart of the Harvey dramatic arts festival.

graphic of child with wierd numbers and questions in brain
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Connecting the Dots: Dyslexia and Math

Why are children with dyslexia more likely to also struggle with dyscalculia—the understanding and manipulation of numbers?

Alumni Connections

stethoscopes meeting in the middle

Connecting and Uniting Residents and Alumni program was founded in 2005 with the goal of connecting Georgetown medical alumni with each other.

Sylvia Morris smiling

Sylvia Morris (M’98)…

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