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kimberly henderson
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Reflections on Medicine with Kimberly Henderson

Balancing work as a medical consultant and practicing doctor, this triple Hoya keeps cura personalis at the center of it all. She is an emergency physician at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, regional medical director for CVS MinuteClinic, and medical director for health systems alliances at CVS Health.

Check Up: News & Research

pregnant person holding ipad with words on it that say: are you pregnant?

But can women count on it for accuracy? Maybe not, say researchers in a recent study of nearly 100 fertility awareness apps.

Georgetown Lombardi oncologist Michael J. Pishvaian

“I am certain we will learn a lot about what drives pancreatic cancer, what we can use in our medical toolkit, and what we need to develop as novel treatments.”…

man putting rubber thing on arm
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Student Voice: Daniel Coleman (M’17)

A Jedi in training… or a first year medical student on a mountain rescue mission

On Campus

Kimbell Duncan (MS’15, PhD’22)

How does someone with a degree in electrical engineering spend a career in finance, retire, and then head to Georgetown for a master’s in biotechnology, eventually pursuing a PhD in…

Omar Z. Maniya (C’11, M’17)

“I am honored to be elected a trustee of an organization that has been tirelessly striving to improve the lives of physicians and patients for over 150 years” — Omar…

people putting on white coats
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White Coats on for the Class of 2020

No matter the path they were on, the 196 students that make up the Georgetown University School of Medicine Class of 2020 are now moving forward on the same journey, with cura personalis at the core.

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