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Telemedicine and COVID-19

In late March, Georgetown Medicine magazine caught up with Yalda Jabbarpour, MD (M'08), a Washington, DC, family medicine physician, about changes taking place in the early phase of response to COVID-19. Read More

What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

Every day the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data—25 followed by 17 zeros. Of this data, 30 percent is generated in health care, from laboratories and electronic medical record data to health apps on smartphones and wearable technologies. Read More

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Georgetown Reaffirms Policies to Support Undocumented Students

Understanding that undocumented students face unique challenges, Georgetown recently appointed Arelis Palacios as the first associate director for undocumented student services. Palacios facilitates guidance and legal aid for students and serves in an educational and outreach capacity. Read More

Senator Richard Durbin (F’66, L’69) co-introduced the Dream Act of 2017, a bipartisan bill that would provide a direct road to U.S. citizenship