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Cancer Research Explores Paternal Obesity

Obese male mice and normal weight female mice produce female pups that are overweight from birth through childhood, and have delayed development of their breast tissue as well as increased rates of breast cancer. Read More

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Global Health Experts Join Georgetown

“The better a country’s public health systems are, the sooner it can recognize that something abnormal is happening, the faster they can do something about it, and the more lives they are able to save.” — Rebecca Katz Read More

Rebecca Katz (left) and colleagues Aurelia Attal-Juncqua and Julie Fischer consult on emerging global health threats.

A Real Knockout in Gene Editing

Georgetown Professor Recognized for Historic Breakthrough. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Cancer Research, the journal’s editors picked 50 landmark studies that were scientifically significant and influential at both the time of publication and today. Read More

Todd Waldman, MD, PhD

The Doctor Is Out

When they first dissect a frog, or maybe first peer through a microscope, many doctors- to-be begin to dream about a career in medicine, long before they ever apply to medical school. Not Matt Wilson. Read More