Category: Health Magazine, Winter 2023

Title:What’s in my white coat? with Adrienne Barnes, DDS (D’82)

Author: Interview by Jane Varner Malhotra
Date Published: December 1, 2022
a doctor in her white coat
Photos (top and bottom): John Konstantaras

Adrienne Barnes, DDS (D’82), was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. “I had wonderful parents who encouraged me to not only do my best but to be the best in school and life,” she says. “I took dance lessons throughout my childhood. My mom hoped I would join a professional dance company like Alvin Ailey.” Instead she chose dentistry.

“I received an excellent education at Georgetown University School of Dentistry. I consider myself as truly blessed to have attended. Throughout my career my desire has been to be blessed with the skills enabling me to have a positive impact in my community and to provide integrity, honesty, and compassion through my work. Pediatric dentistry is my calling.”

Her Chicago practice, ABC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, employs two receptionists, three dental assistants, and one hygienist. “My daughter, Dr. Ashley Barnes, is an orthodontist. She provides orthodontic therapy to children and adults in the practice. We have a team approach to all we do. And we treat each family with our very best care,” she adds.

What does she enjoy most about her work? “It has to be the children. They bring me so much joy! Children remind us that there is hope for the world, every single day.”

Although not all these objects fit in her white coat pocket, they are tools of her trade:

1. Daily huddle sheet. This is our road map for the day. Every morning my team will gather to go over our schedule, review patient history and treatments, discuss the previous day, and think about our present day goals.

2. Booklet of inspirational reading. We end our huddle with a short reading meant to inspire and uplift the staff members throughout our work day.

3. Pen. I write notes on the huddle sheet as the receptionist points out any pertinent information regarding a patient’s treatment or any special needs for a patient that day.

4. Face mask

5. Ear plugs. I wear these to eliminate high-pitched sounds that may damage my hearing.

6. Monkey. He has been my baby for a long time! The children love him. I use the tell-show-do approach to teach kids about oral care, telling them how to brush their teeth and showing them on Monkey.

7. Monkey’s toothbrush

8. Mirror. After Monkey’s lesson, I hold up the fun tooth-shaped mirror so the kids can watch themselves brush their teeth.

a stuffed monkey plush, a toothbrush, a face mask and other items sit on a table

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