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Title:Jane Loeffler, Ph.D.: ‘We want to see this remarkable program grow in reach and impact’

a man with glasses and a woman in a black shirt with yellow necklace smile at the camera
Jane and Bob celebrating Bob’s 80th birthday last May (5/27/23)

How did you hear about Georgetown’s Fund a Fellow program?

About 10 years ago, when Fund a Fellow was first created, Dr. Pagan put us on the invitation list for the earliest get-togethers at Georgetown. We always attended and always learned something new and useful. 

Have you had the chance to meet anyone through the Fund a Fellow program?

At the seminars and dinners, we always met people with similar challenges. That stopped during COVID-19. And recently, my husband’s health has prevented us from attending social events. 

What is your hope for the Fund a Fellow program’s future growth?

We hope the program expands widely to bring more Fellows on board. We want to see this remarkable movement disorders program grow in reach and impact, especially as it pertains to Parkinson’s.

We hope the program can be augmented by social workers and therapists who can attend to family issues and assist those who are struggling with the unending demands that Parkinson’s places on patients and families. Fund a Fellow is one huge step in that direction. We are proud to be a part of it and happy to support Dr. Pagan’s work however we can. 

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