Spring 2020

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Campus News

Sara Rotenberg on train

The next time you step onto a train or use a public restroom, consider what such a small act might be like for someone with mobility impairment. Senior global health…

L-R: Prof. Yianna Vovides and students Andrew Zubiri, Aaron Joya, and Anne Jillian Dumanat (on screen from Doha, Qatar) discuss how people learn with technology during their fall 2019 Methods of Learning and Design course. | Photo: Moruomi Li

Students Andrew Zubiri and Aaron Joya are huddled around a table in the Car Barn working on a group project with their classmate Anne Jillian Dumanat. Dumanat swivels her head…

Alumni News and Profiles

old picture of lauinger library

On April 6, 1970, Lauinger Library opened its doors for the first time. As Georgetown’s first standalone library building, it marked the most significant expansion of collections since the opening…

book covers

The Alumni Association has launched two virtual book clubs: one specifically for alumnae, and another for all alumni focused on their professional development. These clubs offer alumni a flexible and…

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