Category: Georgetown Magazine, Spring 2024

Title:Alumna seeks to ‘leave a legacy’ in the sports and entertainment field

Author: Lauren M. Poteat
Date Published: April 8, 2024
a smiling blonde woman in a black sleeveless top
Once a Hoya field hockey player, Liz Naiman Moulton (C’00) is now blazing trails in the sports and entertainment industry. “There is power in female representation and inclusivity for historically marginalized groups,” she says. Photo: Jared Charney Photography

Passionate about providing equitable opportunities for women and people of color within the field of sports, Liz Naiman Moulton (C’00) recently assumed the role of Chief Talent and People Officer for Elevate, an award-winning global sports and entertainment consulting firm. Elevate serves the world’s premier sports, entertainment, and consumer brand clients and counts its investors as among the most innovative in the industry, including the ownership groups of the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Washington Commanders as well as Ticketmaster and Arctos.

Moulton, among the minority as a woman in an executive role in the industry, wants to create change and empower individuals and marginalized groups.

“At Elevate I would like to leave a legacy of growing an organization thoughtfully and strategically, and helping it evolve into an even greater, higher-performing company that serves as a model for the industry,” says Moulton. “In an industry that has historically been dominated by men, I would like to help create change that empowers, evolves, and elevates women and people of color into bigger leadership roles and positions.”

Moulton, who resides on the north shore of Massachusetts with her husband, Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA 6), and their two daughters, received her master’s degree in leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In 2018 she was honored with the Sports Business Journal Game Changer award for her work diversifying leadership teams and bringing more women into C-suite roles. She also sits on the board of PeacePlayers International, a foundation that utilizes the power of sport to unite young people from divergent cultures.

She attributes much of her inspiration for her career path to her time playing varsity field hockey for the Hoyas and, now, to being a mother of two young daughters. “I loved playing sports at Georgetown,” shares Moulton, who started her career in secondary school teaching and coaching. “Being a Hoya helped me view the world of sports as an opportunity to bring communities of people together for the better, and also provided me with inspiration as I navigated my career path.

“A lot of the connectivity that I have to the industry came through Georgetown, and specifically the amazing alums who lead within it, including Joe Leccese (C’82), chairman emeritus of Proskauer, and Tim Brosnan (C’80) as well as President Jack DeGioia, who entrusted me early on with a project,” continues Moulton. “There’s an incredible network of Hoyas within sports and entertainment to research, network, and learn from. Nothing beats courage and risk-taking.”

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