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Title:The totality of motherhood

S贸uter and family
Photo courtesy of Ericka S贸uter

Using humor and honesty as she addresses some of the tough- er realities of parenting, like substance abuse and postpartum depression, as well as day-to-day struggles, author Ericka So虂uter (C鈥97) seeks to show the totality of motherhood in her new book How to Have a Kid and a Life: A Survival Guide.

Composed of in-depth research from professionals, testimonies from mothers around the world, and her own experiences, the book explores the myriad issues women face, from maintaining an identity to handling mom-shaming to dealing with changes in platonic, professional, and romantic relationships.

Though the book generally focuses on what to expect after you have a child, she notes that one chapter addresses women who opt out of motherhood. 鈥淲omen who don鈥檛 have children, or who wait to have children, are often criticized for that choice, and I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 fair. It鈥檚 okay if you don鈥檛 choose motherhood,鈥 So虂uter says.

A journalist with over 20 years of experience, So虂uter attributes her passion for writing to her time at Georgetown. 鈥淲hen I enrolled at Georgetown, I intended to major in American government and maybe one day become a senator,鈥 she recalls. On her journey to make an impact in government, she encountered English professors like Pamela Fox and Elizabeth Velez, who encouraged her to explore her gift for writing.

鈥淧rofessor Velez suggested I apply for an internship with People magazine. I had no interest in journalism at the time, but I wanted a job that would pay, so I decided to go for it. They offered me the job, and it was the most amazing experience I鈥檇 ever had.鈥

I wrote the book I really wanted鈥攁nd the book new moms will need.

Ericka S贸uter (C鈥97)

So虂uter traces her professional success鈥攆rom working with media outlets like People, Essence, and Cosmopolitan, to being a contributing editor at, to frequently appearing on Good Morning America鈥攖o her Hoya roots. 鈥淚 love Georgetown. It directed me towards this amazing career. It鈥檚 where I met my husband. It鈥檚 where I made some amazing friendships, especially my Nevils Hall roommates from senior year. It is just a really special place.鈥

So虂uter currently resides in New York City with her husband, Caleb Pitters (SFS鈥97), and sons Lex and Aidan. 鈥淥ne of the most important things I hope people take away from the book is that the people you surround yourself with matter.鈥

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