Category: Fall 2020, Georgetown Magazine

Title:Personal Reflections: Frank Giancola

Author: Interview by Jane Varner Malhotra
Date Published: November 18, 2020


frank smiling with his grandchild

In 30 years as a pediatrician, I can honestly say I have never seen anything else alter the course of medical care in such an encompassing manner, and with such remarkable speed, as COVID-19.

Many of our patients’ parents are essential workers without childcare flexibility or work-from-home options. They work behind the scenes in restaurants, as home and office cleaners, as health aides—they can’t miss a beat. They have to provide for the family. There’s no luxury of working from home or homeschooling their kids. Fortunately, they’re bringing the kids in for all their health checks.

Pediatrician Frank Giancola, M.D. (C’82, M’86, R’89) is the co-founder PediatriCare in Manassas, Virginia. The group serves an economically diverse population in semi-urban western Fairfax and northern Prince William counties, including many Latinx families.

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