Jim Gaffigan
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Title:Comedian Jim Gaffigan Stands up for Scholarships

The first thing to know about comedian Jim Gaffigan (B’88) is that he’s hilarious but still down-to-earth. He has several shows available on your streaming devices so you can see how he spins the aging process, insecurity, and his five children into comic gold.

Another important thing to know about Jim Gaffigan is that he cares about the cost of higher education. (Maybe he’s thinking about his five children.)

Gaffigan proved his commitment to access and affordability by taking time during his new Fixer Upper comedy tour to share a night of comedy at a sold-out September 20 show at the Mayne Theater in Chicago as a fundraiser for the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP). All proceeds from the event, which drew 300 Georgetown alumni and friends, raised almost $25,000 for GSP.

“Most of us are here tonight because we love Georgetown,” Gaffigan said during the show. “And we’re here to support the Georgetown Scholarship Program”

Jim Gaffigan was introduced his older brother Joe (B’87). They are a second-generation Hoya family, following the path of their father, Mike (F’57), a first-generation college student.

“Jim and I both value our Georgetown education,” says Joe Gaffigan. “Jim enjoys learning still. Georgetown set him up for that.”

Founded in 2004, GSP has served more than 1,600 students, most of whom are first-generation college students, by providing to access to resources and support networks.

The evening of stand-up was “a different way of giving back,” says Michelle Schara Mauboussin (B’86), chair of the GSP advisory board—and also a big Gaffigan fan. “The event not only was successful financially but also in raising visibility for GSP.”

The evening was produced by Michigan Avenue Magazine and presented by Wintrust Financial and Celebrity Cruises. It included a meet and greet with the comedian.

Mauboussin also credits Emily Chen Carrera (B’88) and Jim Gaffigan’s wife and writing partner, Jeannie, for organizing the event.

“The generous support given tonight will help provide students access to resources and a community focused on their success,” says Charlie Deacon, Georgetown’s dean of admission and GSP co-founder “We are thankful to everyone in attendance, particularly Jim Gaffigan, who brought us together for a great cause and a night of comedy.”

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