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Title:Maia Worden (C’88): “Georgetown remains a home”

Author: Kate Colwell
Date Published: June 30, 2023
“The attached photos is from fall 1984 probably orientation activities. I’m with Todd Lloyd SFS’88 and Chris Byrne (SLL’85). Chris and I both lived in Art Hall (Ryder Hall).”
Maia with Todd Lloyd SFS’88 and Chris Byrne (SLL’85). Chris and Maia both lived in Art Hall (Ryder Hall), 1984.

What is your name, Georgetown school, and graduation year?

My name is Maia Worden. I graduated from Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences in 1988.

Tell us about one of your favorite Georgetown memories.

I remember sitting in many discussions during Father Mitchell’s Problem of God class (first-year theology requirement) and recognizing the breadth and depth of experience and interaction I was having—and would continue to have as a student, and for life.

How did your time at Georgetown change you?

I honed my abilities to think and co-create with others at “Arts Hall” (Ryder Hall) with all classes of students interested in performance and nonperformance art forms. Student government and work-study at Lauinger Library also offered me opportunities to interact with others. 

Since 2018, you have made frequent gifts to the University Librarian’s Discretionary Fund. Why do you consistently give to Georgetown?

Having worked in “small donor” fundraising for many years, I understand the power of consistency in gift giving. The automated process (monthly withdrawals) makes it easy. I give to support Georgetown students and the library facilities because new resources and study spaces are important for learning.

What is your hope for Georgetown’s future?

I hope Georgetown continues to be a diverse and accessible community for the learning and development of “whole” people who serve others, their communities, and the world while also bettering themselves.

Is there anything else you want to share about your relationship with Georgetown?

Georgetown remains a home, even though I’m local. At different times in my life I’ve returned to campus and found a community through which to reconnect to others and to myself. A brief visit and walk on campus is revitalizing. Occasional views of Healy Hall above the Potomac River during travels around the area are my touchstone to history, growth, and a place of development.

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