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Title:Hoya alumni reflect on their callings as members of the Georgetown community

Earlier this year, Georgetown University launched Called to Be: The Campaign for Georgetown, a shared, $3 billion ambition to expand our university’s impact in service to the common good. 

“We believe that Georgetown has an opportunity to do more—to have an ever greater impact on the lives of our students and on the challenges facing our world,” President John J. DeGioia said. “We are a place that is always growing, always exploring, always seeking to become the university that we are called to be.”

Through this campaign, we consider who we are called to be, and what we are called to do, as members of the Georgetown community. Read what several alumni had to say below.

  • Adrian Melbane (C’91)

    Called to pay it forward

    “I don’t have the words to describe how much Georgetown shaped my life, career, and friendships, but know that I must pay it forward. I needed financial support when I went to school and I have made it part of my life’s mission to give back and provide opportunities for folks in similar positions. Touring the campus with my son just reaffirmed the reasons why I give every year. Hoya Saxa!”

    —Adrian Melbane (C’91)

  • Laika Dajani Lebreton (SFS’90)

    Called to be grateful

    “I found the teachers at Georgetown to be outstanding. I was lucky enough to have had Professor Albright for ‘MoFoGo’ (Modern Foreign Governments). She invited the whole class over for dinner over three nights! I also particularly remember Professor Arend’s bouncy energy. I was a T.A. for Professor Jan Karski’s Theories of Communism class while the Berlin Wall fell. These were all uniquely formative experiences at a time of tumultuous global change. On a side note, I met my husband freshman year. Yep, we are still together. I am so grateful to Georgetown for those four years.”

    —Laika Dajani Lebreton (SFS’90)

  • Sartaj Narang (SFS’09)

    Called to be a partner

    “We are an immigrant family, and my parents made dramatic sacrifices to ensure that my brother and I had the best education. I support the Georgetown Fund because I would love to help others get access to education that enables them to become more knowledgeable about the world.”

    —Sartaj Narang (SFS’09)

  • Christine Vayo (C’92)

    Called to reflect

    “I support the Mission & Ministry group to ensure students will always be able to enjoy the same wonderful retreats that I did: Silent Ignatian, Agape, etc. The Jesuits and the whole ecumenical mission of Georgetown is invaluable for molding hearts, minds, and spirits.”

    —Christine Vayo (C’92)

  • katherine riley

    Called to uplift the Hoya community

    “I give because my father, a 1973 graduate of Georgetown College of Arts & Sciences, gave me the gift of a Georgetown education when it wasn’t a bit easy for him to do so. He put himself through school working at The Tombs and Third Edition, and while I was there, I worked at Clyde’s to pay my rent and bills. As a result of the values I learned at home and at Georgetown, I choose to teach high school and I see the impact tuition assistance can have for a child/family who isn’t at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy. I know what education unlocked for me is within every student; I want to give what I can to make sure other students at Georgetown feel uplifted by the generations who went before them.”

    —Katherine Riley (C’99)

What are you Called to Be?

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Every member of our university community has a role to play in helping Georgetown answer its calling with action and impact. Learn how we are building on centuries of growth and progress to confront the world’s most complex challenges. Visit the campaign website >