Lam Nguyen (C’18),
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Title:‘Always Learning, Always Exploring’

About the Previti Scholarship

Anthony A. Previti, the uncle of Francis Previti (C’69, R’79), was born on April 25,1897, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, shortly after his parents’ arrival from Sicily. His formal education ended after the eighth grade, but his ambition and creativity allowed him to fully engage in the entrepreneurial opportunities that early 20th century America offered. He worked hard, invested wisely, and lived to the ripe old age of 102.

At the end of his life, Previti asked his family to establish a foundation so that the young people of southern New Jersey with limited means would be able to obtain the education that is required today as one pursues the American Dream.

“Everyone loved Uncle Tony,” shares Maureen Previti. “He earned his success through perseverance and tenacity but he rec­ognized that other young people in southern New Jersey would have a challenge doing the same. A solid education is more important today.”

Dr. and Mrs. Previti, whose three children attended George­town, decided to start the Previti Family Endowed Scholarship to honor Dr. Previti’s resourceful uncle.

The Previtis kept in touch with Nguyen as he progressed through Georgetown. “It’s so exciting to hear from him,” they share. “Like our Uncle Tony, he is always learning, always exploring. It sounds like he took advantage of everything Georgetown has to offer.”