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Title:School of Medicine alumni remember Dr. Arthur Hoyte

Dr Hoyte stands in a navy suit with a patterned tie
Dr. Arthur Hoyte

It is with a heavy heart that we inform the Georgetown Medicine community that Dr. Arthur Hoyte, beloved mentor to so many of us, passed away late last year on Oct. 26, 2023. We mourn the loss of a distinguished colleague, an inspiring leader, and a true champion for diversity and inclusion in medicine.

Dr. Hoyte was a remarkable human. He has to be commended for his untiring efforts to advance underrepresented minorities in the career of medicine. He has forever impacted my life for the better. I appreciate him and remember him fondly. Prayers for his family during this difficult time.

—Tyra McKinney (M’99)

Dr. Hoyte was not just an esteemed colleague. He was also a guiding light for decades of BIPOC students. His dedication to our medical school and his tireless efforts to uplift students of color left an indelible mark on Georgetown and on the hearts of those fortunate enough to know him.

From guidance to imparting knowledge, Dr. Hoyte has had an immeasurable impact on each of our journeys as medical professionals. His unwavering support, wise counsel, and the compassionate way he navigated the complexities of our field shaped the careers of countless physicians. For more than 40 years, he invested his time and energy in nurturing the talents of aspiring physicians through the establishment of the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) program. Take it from those who benefited from his wisdom—it is difficult to overstate the impact of his life and work.

Dr. Hoyte provided sage, real-world advice in addition to career guidance.

—Craig Thomas (M’98)

Beyond the walls of our medical school, Dr. Hoyte served in local and federal government as a champion for addressing medical and health disparities across urban and rural communities, and helped to create a more inclusive healthcare landscape. His legacy will last in all of us, and his work will live on to inspire generations of Georgetown medical students to come.

In times of uncertainty, Dr. Hoyte was a source of wisdom, encouragement, and resilience. He taught us the importance of lifting each other up, especially when faced with adversity. His legacy will forever remind us of the profound impact one individual can have on many.

I just remember his jovial nature and smile. He always exuded a genuine desire to see us succeed. From the moment we sat in the anatomy lab room and were introduced to the GEMS program, Dr. Hoyte made it clear that we belonged and were welcomed. His genuine desire was to provide us with the tools to succeed at GUSOM.

—Angela C. B. Walker (M’97)

As we mourn the loss of Dr. Hoyte, let us also celebrate his extraordinary life. In his spirit, let us continue to strive for excellence, foster inclusivity, and uplift one another in our shared pursuit of advancing healthcare for everyone. May his memory be a blessing to us all.

—Sylvia Morris (M’98)

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of many other former students who benefited from Dr. Hoyte’s leadership.